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Sambar Deer Hunting Victoria – Top London Parks to Visit

Sambar Deer Hunting Victoria

London may one of the biggest metropolises in the world, but it also has plenty of open spaces if you’re looking for some rest and relaxation on your city break. In between the tall buildings and hectic streets lay vast oasises of green; and a handful of the best luxury hotels in London have an excellent park view to complete the picture. Here’s a lowdown on the best parks to visit in London.

1. Richmond Park

Bathed in history, the vast Richmond Park was once Henry VIII’s personal hunting ground and it has retained both its country vibe and deer population! Although it is located in Southwest London (outside of the ‘centre’), it’s well worth the visit for a touch of what old England was like. The huge size means there’s plenty to explore too, from pond walks and botanical gardens to historical houses serving ice-cream and tea. A real highlight is the ‘keyhole’: from here you can see straight through to Saint Paul’s Cathedral on a clear day.

2. Regents Park

The most central and glamorous of London’s parks, Regents is alive with colorful flowers and city dwellers catching the sunshine. Its bound to be packed on a sunny day but this buzz is part of its charm. There are numerous small garden areas to take refuge in and a large pond to rent pedloes if you’re feeling extra romantic. Families might want to check out London Zoo as well, which is along the canal at the north end of the park. Sambar Deer Hunting Victoria

3. Hampsread Heath

Rambling and wild, Hampstead Heath is another real gem in summer time. Just north of the centre, you can get lost on Hampstead Heath amongst the trees and hills. Most people come here for the view from the top of Box Hill, where the whole city lies sprawling before you, but the best parts of the heath are the more hidden and selcuded spaces that give the impression that you’re anywhere other than in the midst of a giant city. The old-fashioned and chic Hampstead Village is also well worth a wander afterwards as there are some top class pubs with gardens and patios, alongside quaint shops and cafes.

4. Victoria Park

Out in East London, the sprawling Victoria Park is much less popular or known by visitors but still has plenty of open space and picturesque views to offer. Residents in the now trendy East End know it well, though, so expect plenty of cool kids taking a break here on the grass. If you’re after activity, take a long and interesting walk along the tow path beside the canal to see some off the beaten track sights in this overlooked part of the city. Victoria Park is also a hotbed of entertainment in the summer – expect festivals, concerts and music on the weekends. Sambar Deer Hunting Victoria

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