The Wonderful Life on Offer at Hyde Park

The Wonderful Life on Offer at Hyde Park

Hyde Park in London is one of the Royal Parks, so called because the English Monarchy originally owned them, and which they used for recreational purposes, such as hunting and fishing. King Henry VIII was particularly fond of Hyde Park London, where he spent much time hunting and generally relaxing in the picturesque and calm environment of one of England’s most treasured places of interest. Situated in the heart of London, the park is extensive, covering more than 300 square acres. There is always something happening, with numerous activities and events held every day throughout the year. From relaxing family time, to vibrant music events, Hyde Park offers something for everyone. Here, we will cover a few of the exciting activities that you could take part on when visiting the Royal Park.

Sporting Events

Many areas of the park are dedicated specifically to sport. There is the sports field, which many locals make use of for playing football and cricket during the summer and spring. There are many cycling and jogging paths, that take cyclists and joggers around some of the most beautiful features the park has to offer – but walkers need to be careful, being hit by a cyclist is not nice! More unusually, perhaps, is the boating area, where visitors can rent pedal boats, and rowing boats, and take a leisurely ride across the lake.


Hyde Park is world renowned for the breath and frequency of the specialist events on offer. When first arriving at the park, you should take advantage of one of the many guided walks that are held every day at frequent intervals. On these walks, you will be given details of events happening in the near future, as well as learning about all the different attractions within the park, such as the Children’s Playground and Speakers Corner.

Just for Kids

Children will love the lido, a much-loved feature of Britain’s national parks of the past, but now, sadly, very rare. The Lido is an outside swimming pool, and provides the perfect opportunity to relax; for younger children, there is also an outside paddling pool. Because of the British weather, however, these may not always be open – so do check before you leave. There are an additional three children’s playgrounds within Hyde Park London, with many fun and exciting games to play on.

Chill-Out Time

Hyde Park London is the perfect location for a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of the City of London, with extensive land; country-esque walks are possible. Our top tip for tourists is to walk around the outside of the park, and take in the various sites, such as the Royal Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace.

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