Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London – History

Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London – History

Speakers Corner is situated in the north-eastern corner of Hyde Park, opposite Marble Arch. Whilst it is nothing much to look at, it is London’s most famous place for public debate. Free speech and banter is the name of the game here, and anyone with something to say can step up and speak their mind.

This was the first royal park opened to the public in 1637. On its corner stands Speakers Corner where on a Sunday morning speakers pontificate of every subject under the sun. During the summer band concert, softball games and boating on the lake takes place. However whilst safe during the day it is better avoided at night.

Its origins date from the 1700s, when Tyburn was still a site of public execution. Condemned men were allowed one last speech before they met their maker, and the memory has stuck throughout the centuries. It gained a huge boost in 1855, when a crowd gathered to rail against the Sunday Trading Bill. When the police arrived to arrest the ringleader, they were met by a mob 150,000 strong.

It moved to its present location, the northeast corner of Hyde Park in 1851. Just beyond it, in the park, is the Speakers’ Corner, where soap- box orators sometimes put on a diverting show.It runs through Oxford Circus and passes many department stores on its way to Marble Arch. Modeled on the Arch of Constantine in Rome, Marble Arch was designed to serve as a gate to Buckingham Palace, but was British Travel Association BEHEMOTH — London tour bus passes Parliament Square and Big Ben. moved to its present location, the northeast corner of Hyde Park in 1851. Just beyond it, in the park, is the Speakers’ Corner, where soap- box orators sometimes Speak there mind.

The events of June 1855 at Speakers’ Corner inspired Karl Marx ( the disliker of democracy ) to declare that the English proletariat had begun their inexorable rise and that social revolution leading to a communist state was under way. “This alliance between a degenerate, dissipated and pleasure-seeking aristocracy and the church — built on a foundation of filthy and calculated profiteering on the part of the beer magnates and monopolistic wholesalers — gave rise to a mass demonstration in Hyde Park. As in most things neo-communist this was another failed attempt to create a revolution in England which failed because we in England held with suspicion anyone who tried to cause dis-harmony and invariably they would fail miserably. This is probably why Karl Marx and his ilk went back to where they came from. Typically they used our freedoms to try to undermine all freedoms.

The history of Speakers Corner began in 1872. It was then that an Act of Parliament, otherwise known as law, was passed giving up a small corner of Hyde Park to pubic speaking. Throughout the years, great debates and large crowds were common. Today, not so much, but this is still considered a must see. If you are easily offended by many of today’s political and religious issues or if you cannot stand to hear another word about the “impending apocalypse,” it may be best to walk away or put your hands over your ears.

During 1872 the place had started to gain a nationwide fame, and a legal licence was granted to allow sizeable meetings.

There are many Speakers Corner around the world in Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Trinidad and tobago, Thailand and Malaysia and in English Cities Nottingham, Worthing based on London’s Speaker Corner.

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Discover how London Can Entertain You

One of the world’s most influential cities, London is a veritable melting pot, brimming with historical lure and cultural diversity. Long established as an important financial centre, it is also a strong leader in the worlds of fashion, media and politics. Embracing the new, whilst keeping a firm grip on the past, there is always something new to discover in England’s capital.

Indeed, not only boasting a plethora of ancient sites of interest and modern attractions, it is also home to four World Heritage Sites, including the Tower of London and the Royal Botanic Gardens. And, from fashion and art to shopping, museums and energetic outdoor activities there is something to entertain even the most demanding of visitors.

For example, if you’re a culture vulture, eager to soak up as much as you possibly can, you won’t be left disappointed. In fact, famous for housing the largest theatre district in the world, as well as offering up an exceptional range of galleries, exhibitions and museums, the problem will be in deciding what to visit! Definite must-sees however, include the Tate Gallery of Modern Art, the British Museum and the city’s West End.

If it’s your passion for fashion, though, that’s driving you to the capital then you’re in for a treat. Shopping opportunities galore, London offers the visitor a breathless array of high-end boutiques, world-famous department stores, eclectic markets and the very best in high-street retail therapy. Renown for being a fashion hub, it is the perfect place to pick up the very latest fashion offerings, as well as searching for the many brilliant bargains around – Camden Market and Harrods are two great starting points.

For some family fun that’s guaranteed to charm the children, make sure check out the range of specially-designed activities and attractions on offer. In addition to the many child-friendly theatre performances, plays and museums, the city is also home to a huge number of parks, as well as the London Zoo – the world’s oldest scientific zoo. The London Eye also promises a thrill and is brilliant for gaining a panoramic view across the sprawling landscape.

And, when you’ve spent a hard day indulging your interests, you can then take advantage of the many nighttime attractions scattered around. Well-known for its entertainment offerings, there is a huge range of clubs and bars to test your dancing feet, restaurants, bistros and cafes in which to satiate your gastronomical needs and London hotels and guest houses to rest your head.

London’s calling and for those looking for a fun-filled, activity-packed break London is certainly a worthwhile consideration.

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Garden Designers London

Garden Designers London

London has to be one of the most popular and fashionable cities in the world. It is often an industry leader when it comes to fashion, music, architecture and design. Modern garden design is also thriving in the UK capital, so if you are looking for unique and innovative outdoor spaces then of course research what London has to offer and who is offering it.

Although the UK climate may seem like it is not suited to many plant species and therefore many garden designs, you may be surprised at what is possible and how these challenges can be overcome. As they say ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’ and of course garden designers in London are ensuring that the outdoor space lives up to royal standards!

Living in a thriving city such as London can lead to a hectic and often pressured city lifestyle, therefore having a retreat and escape in both your home and garden can be both important and welcome to any hard-working individual. What could be better than unwinding in a beautiful and welcoming designer garden?

However, creating and maintaining any type of garden or design can be difficult and time-consuming. More often than not many designs and projects attempted by homeowners remain incomplete or require too much time to maintain.

This is where a London garden designer can prove their worth. They can create an outdoor space that suits any lifestyle, provide a relaxing retreat, ensure the project is completed on time and ensure the garden does not require hours and hours of upkeep every single week. OF course keeping a stress free lifestyle has to be close to top of the list for any busy professional.

Take some time browsing the Internet to discover contemporary garden designers based in London, who can offer you this type of professional and bespoke service.

For more contemporary designs, visit one of the U.K.’s leading specialists – Garden Designers London

A contemporary, innovative and unique garden designer.

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I Love London; it is My Kind of Town

I Love London; it is My Kind of Town

I love London; it is my kind of town. Contrary to popular belief this is not some feeble attempt at plagiarising advertising copy from other major cities in the world.

Bad times and good, I have lived and worked in London through them all.

From its darkest hours in the 1970s and the 80s at the height of the IRA terrorist campaigns to the ecstasy of winning the 2012 Olympics and the Queens Jubilee. London has seen it all and treats both with the same respect.

I remember travelling through London to return home to Northern Ireland where I now live on the day the news broke that Princess Diana had tragically been killed in a car accident in Paris. The sense of grief and shock were overwhelming as total strangers just blindly made their way to Kensington Palace to lay flowers at the people’s memorial. Contrast this with the day in 2005 of the Live 8 festival at Hyde Park when the city resounded to rock music belting out across its entire centre.

London is full of History. History that it would appear that most Londoners take for granted.

If we use as an example, the changing of the guard. A daily occurrence at Betty and Phil’s place at the end of the mall. OK I should be slightly less flippant. I am of course referring to Buckingham Palace, home of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh found at the end of the Mall. Tradition is such that occasionally it gets altered and none more so than when after the awful events of 911 the band of the guards performed the Star-Spangled Banner in front of visiting American tourists instead off the traditional God Save the Queen.

Perhaps the significance of this passed most of the on looking tourist by but it was a first in living memory that any other national anthem other than the United Kingdoms own God Save the Queen had been performed at the Changing of the Guards ceremony.

It could be argued that it is incidents like this that go to sum up exactly what a rich variety of tradition and history exists in London. Unlike other major international capital cities, London may lack perhaps the historic grandeur of the Parthenon in Athens or the Coliseum in Rome but through out London you will find examples of perhaps a more modern architecture (though no less splendid and impressive) such as the mother of all parliaments, the Houses of Parliament in Westminster or the serenity of St Paul’s Cathedral a survivor of many centuries and in many ways every bit as impressive now as in the days of its design under the architect Sir Christopher Wren.

If nothing else the building of St Paul’s Cathedral is a testament to survival itself having both survived the Great Fire of London in the 16th Century and then four hundred years later the Blitz in World War II.

Possibly the existence of living history such as St. Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of such a modern and a bustling city of London really sums up the overall appeal of London where there is such an amazing and historic blend of old and new.

There is absolutely no way a visit to London will disappoint

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