London’s Garden Squares

Londons Gardens - Gordon Square

Gordon Square

Hidden amongst the bustle of daily London life and nestled between buildings, are many little oases of green – these are the Garden Squares of London.

In all, these gardens number over 100, and while they are humble brethren of the mighty parks and large gardens of London, they breathe life into the capital and provide rest stops and meeting places as well as small playgrounds and dog walking areas. To find more information on each individual garden square you can check out Wikipedia Garden Squares of London

The photo above is the sign of Gordon Square, a favorite for local dog owners and those looking for a little respite from the bustle of local city life. Gordon Square is a quaint garden, one of many of Londons Gardens that are hidden like diamonds in the rough. Below is another image from Gordon Square.

Londons Gardens - Gordon Square

Londons Gardens – Gordon Square

Londons Gardens are more than just huge gardens that you see in most cities, they are beautiful bits of what the planet used to be before we built our selves upon it. We see patches of hidden squares all over that are most appreciated by those who live next to them. I hope that we continue to see these gardens as sometimes we feel that technological growth and building sky scrapers are more important than actually having nature around us. Maybe one day, we will realize that we need these and other gardens to continue to breathe fresh air.

We aim to collect details on as many squares as possible and provide brief information on each as well as their location.

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