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London Zoo ? Explore the Land of the Wild

London Zoo ? Explore the Land of the Wild

The London Zoo founded over 180 years ago is still considered the world’s oldest scientific zoo. This large landscape situated in the heart of the city in Regent’s Park is about 36 acres and it was declared opened to the public in 1828. The park houses the largest collection of wildlife and is a renowned destination for many a sightseer.

The attractions and the number of species here will thrill wildlife enthusiasts. There are about 755 different species at the London Zoo and these numbers are known to increase annually. The Zoo is further divided into different sections so visitors can seek out the many creatures with ease. This popular attraction houses sites such as the Gorilla Kingdom, Butterfly Paradise, Reptile House, Aquarium, the lion and tiger dens and the komodo dragon enclosure.

Some of the noteworthy attractions at the zoo are the Animal Adventure (children’s zoo), Clore Rainforest Lookout (a walkthrough rainforest) and the Blackburn Pavilion (a walkthrough tropical rainforest). Other attractions include the African Bird Safari, home to a number of species that include the superb starlings, abdim’s stork, hornbills and Madagascar teal. The Animal Adventure Park houses animals such as yellow mongoose, prairie dogs, aardvarks and meerkats among others.

Visitors to the park can also see the reptile house that boasts crocodiles, snakes, komodo dragons, lizards and tortoises. The London Zoo is also home to a large variety of monkeys, lions, tigers, elephants and other types of species. Into Africa is another spectacle to explore. This area contains animals such as the giraffe, zebra, African wild dogs, warthog, red river hogs and okapis.

The London Zoo also houses a massive aviary within its vicinity. Known as the Snowdon Aviary, this attraction boats an array of free flying birds that include eagles, egrets, peafowl, ibis, herons, pigeons, gulls and ducks. With over 15,100 animals calling the London Zoo home, your experience among these animals will be a memorable one.

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