London Attractions on the Wild Side

London Attractions on the Wild Side

Animal lovers take heed as London steps up to the platform to announce yet more attractions added to its already well-stocked animal features. If you like seeing animals exotic and wild, London is the place to visit as its zoo and aquarium are continually updated with the wacky, weird and wild every month.

For those of us who can’t conceive the idea of visiting countries like Africa and South America, where many of the world’s most fascinating animals live, zoos are an incredible addition to our society that allows us to see these majestic creatures in the flesh. Animals at such attractions are very well looked after, and every visitor that heads to places like London Zoo can rest assured that they are contributing to the welfare of the wildlife with their entrance fee.

It can be an incredible experience to see animals like elephants, giraffes and penguins in real life instead of on television. Often, we do not realise just how massive some creatures are, or how small some others are – or how they look from certain angles, or even how adorable they are! Zoos give us a chance to see all that, and to get up close with some of the world’s deadliest creatures without having to worry for our lives.

Similarly, if ocean life is your bag, London Aquarium has plenty to offer up, with the scariest sharks to child-pleasing displays of fish resembling the cast of animated adventure Finding Nemo. You can even get the chance to touch a few animals, with starfish and stingrays being amongst the wildlife that professional handlers allow adults and kids alike to feel the rough skin of from the comfort of dry land.

What’s more, you’ll learn about piranhas, catfish, eels and squid thanks to a team of dedicated staff on hand to explain the animals’ living habits and give tours of the exhibition.

Finally, you may want to look to the past to get your fix of wild animals – and the Natural Museum is certainly the place to get your fix of the most ferocious. With a jawdropping dinosaur display, including skeletons, models and fossilised footprints, you’ll be forgiven if these monstrous saurian reptiles invade your dreams for a few nights following the visit.

All of London’s top animal attractions are easy to access from many London hotels – so you can be sure of getting in line to see them all with ease.

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