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London – An education

London – An education

Trooping the colour Queens Birthday parade. {March out of Barracks}

The Queen has once again celebrated her official birthday, and once again the weather was good to her.  She always appears to be lucky with the weather.  The Changing of the Guard had its usual crowd of spectators, and for those who have never witnessed this, it is truly a spectacular sight.

In fact, there are many spectacular sights in London – the capital of England situated at the head of the Thames estuary, seat of our government, world centre of finance and communications. Cultural and artistic centre, and home to many historical bridges, museums, galleries, libraries and parks.

London is an education,  it is seeped in history, and has something to interest everyone.  The historical bridges all have their own stories to tell, the museums cover every aspect of life, while the galleries house some of the best art ever produced.  Although a large busy city, some of the parks are quite amazing.  A visit to Hyde Park is a must for visitors, especially Hyde Park Corner.

A trip down the river Thames is very educational, with good views of famous buildings such as Westminster, St. Paul’s Cathedral , the Tower of London etc.  The Crown Jewels in the Tower of London are magnificent and quite memorable.  The river Thames was once one of the busiest ports in the country, but the upstream ports have now closed, but the downstream ports are still very busy.

To see everything that London has to offer, would take many days, probably weeks, but a well planned trip to London for a couple of days or so, is well worth it.  Decide what you are most interested in, find it’s location, and work your visits accordingly.  Careful planning will save a lot on time and travelling expenses.  Likewise there are many budget hotels in London – very comfortable with excellent service.  Using a budget hotel will free up funds interesting things.

London has a host of restaurants, catering to everyone’s tastes, but if you are on a budget, the markets offer very good fruit and sandwiches which will keep you sustained during the day, leaving you to enjoy your evening meal without breaking the bank!

It is well known that the theatres in London provide some of the best shows in the country.  Some are quite spectacular, and usually have to be booked in advance, however a quick phone call will tell you if there is any last minute seats available. (There usually is)

People have written books on London, and still not covered everything it has to offer.  Whether you are interested in history, the culture and arts, or just like sight-seeing, it is an essential part of all our education to pay a visit.  After all, all the decisions that effect our lives are made in  London.

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