Leisure Around Royal Parks In The Vicinity Of Hotels Near Kensington

Leisure Around Royal Parks In The Vicinity Of Hotels Near Kensington

Are you tired of the usual city life and searching for places wherein one can introspect in the serene environment of natural spaces, then you can head straight to the Kensington gardens for a divine experience. Stay comfortably in the hotels near Kensington and explore the wide range of choices available in open spaces.

Take a stroll around these well kept and groomed gardens for a rendezvous with the Mother Nature.

Kensington Gardens

It is the most dynamic, colourful and vibrant open space in London with a range of activities to keep visitors engaged. One can do swimming, horse- riding, boating, rollerblading etc or can outdo your friends in sporting competitions of cycling, tennis, bowling and putting etc. Outdoor games of Cricket, Rugby etc are also played in the fringe area. Numerous London attractions can be found within the central area like the Italian gardens, Kensington Palace, Art gallery, Peter Pan statue and Prince of Wales and Princess Diana memorial grounds supporting dedicated activities for the entertainment of little ones. Serving as the apt location for a family day-out, travellers can book luxury hotels in Kensington London to relax after the day long activity at the renowned park.


Hyde Park

Counted among the royal parks in London, the park is divided into two by the Serpentine Lake. Housed in a huge area the park used to be exclusive hunting ground of the King George VIII and is now open for leisurely activities of the general public. Prominent places to hang around are the Rose gardens and The Speaker’s Corner. The swimming club at the Serpentine Lake is also a popular hang out area for sunbathing and hosting competitive events. One can catch live rock concerts and musical performances which are usual events during summers.

Green Park

The park lies between the Hyde Park and the St. James Park and covers 19 hectares of green spaces. Unlike its neighbours, Green Park has no eminent buildings or lakes or leisure centre but provides a great hide-out from the usual city clamours. Monuments like the Canada Memorial and the Constance Fund Fountain are its only strengths. Adhering to its name, Green Park is a huge open space with groomed planting patterns and biodiversity to give true flavour of a green space which is so close to nature. One can have refreshments from the nearby Piccadilly Circus or explore the Mall and the St. James Palace for more fun filled day.

Kensington Roof gardens

Although a famous clubbing, restaurant and event venue but when there is no prior booking or no events are lined up then general public can access the roof garden. Divided into three distinct areas i.e. Tudor, Formal Spanish and Traditional English, the garden covers 1.5 acres of green space. Of them, the English Garden appears to the most extraordinary with its woodland theme giving rural touch to the serene environment. A garden pond with ducks and flamingos presents a rare delight for the eyes. The stream and over 100 of trees with the pond and its life creates a splendid landscape. Vines, fountains and palm trees are the highlight of the Spanish area. Tudor garden with its leafy arches, roses and wisteria presents a subtle contrast with the Espanola. The rooftop view of the splendid landscape is worth the effort that goes in making arrangements.

Spend quality time with your loved ones in these famous parks and book such Kensington Olympia hotels which allow close contact with the Mother Nature. Book London hotels this summer, to enjoy the warmth of the season and hospitality of your accommodation.

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