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Kensington Gardens

Most known for it’s planted avenues of ornamental flowers and large, established trees, Kensington Gardens covers 275 acres and is populated by quiet Italian gardens.

Main attractions: Albert memorial, Peter Pan statue, Italian gardens, the Serpentine Gallery.

Children: The Diana Memorial playground is a free to enter, with a Peter Pan themed play area, complete with pirate ship and beach area. The bronze statue of Peter Pan was donated in 1912 by the author of Peter Pan, J M Barrie. The Round Pond has been used for hundreds of years by the young to sail their model boats and feed the water birds.

Food and drink: The Broadwalk Cafe has a large, year round outdoor seating area and offers a children’s menu of both hot and cold foods. There are an additional 3 refreshment points located to the north, south and central points of the park.

Sports facilities: The Serpentine Gallery is a contemporary art gallery upon which a pavilion is constructed each year by an acclaimed designer or architect. A bandstand is located to the West of the park and is used for band concerts on weekend afternoons.

Horticulture and wildlife: An ornamental water garden is located to the north of the park and has various fountains, statues and water features. To the south, amongst the ever-green trees and wildlife is the Albert memorial, a gold plated statue of Prince Albert, which is accompanied by large scale sculptures and a stone made canopy. Finally, to the West of the grounds is Kensington Palace, birthplace of Queen Victoria and former home to the late Princess Diana.

Transport: Sixteen subways and main railway stations are located around the parks borders. Disable visitors can make use of free electric buggies, each of which seat five people and make half hourly tours of the park. You may get on and off as you wish.


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