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JUST GARDEN PLANTS  is a website dedicated to providing the best quality plants of all types, delivered to your door. Our retailers have a wide range of seedlings, plugs, bulbs, plants, flowers, trees, fruit trees, vegetables and all things horticultural!  


Our partner retailers all deliver to UK mainland addresses, door to door. Some deliver outside of the UK as well.  There are always Special Offers, depending on the time of year, on a variety of plants and products. Our site also has a Voucher Section where free offer codes are available – you do not have to buy anything via the site to avail yourself of the free voucher codes.


Visit our website today for free videos and advice on Organic Gardening and Growing Tomatoes. There are links to Looking after your Bonsai Trees and making your very own Herb Gardens too!! We are constantly looking for additional ways to inform and assist those interested in gardening and growing plants, flowers, vegetables and other living plants, and in helping you buy plants to renew your garden at the best possible prices and in the most convenient way.  Prices are often lower than on the retailers own websites, and by usinf Just Garden Plants, you have the advantage of being able to compare prices right there on the same page, instead of going to several different retailers sites.

Planting and maintaining any garden, large or modest, indoor or outdoor, is a very fulfilling activity, although it is hard work.  Growing your own fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit is a ,special type of gardening which brings the added pleasure of you and you family and friends being able to enjoy the fruits of your labours with your lunches and dinners.  All gardening maintenance needs a provision of good quality young seedlings or plug plants, and our affiliated retailers specialise in providing you with the best quality, healthy young plug plants at excellent, usually discounted prices, via our site.



There are also free downloads and the opportunity to sign up to our mail for free vouchers and special offers on your plant purchases.


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