Jonathan Mark Garden Design

Jonathan Mark Garden Design

Jonathan Mark Garden Design is a new and unique addition to the landscape sector, one which offers an exceptional design experience to the client.  Having recently launched at the Ideal Home show at Earl’s Court, Jonathan Mark showcased its original and striking designs to an impressed audience; seventy-five design requests were received during the exhibition. The use of vivid 3D imaging enables Jonathan Mark to fully impress on the customer exactly what can be achieved from their garden. This is a tool that is rarely used amongst landscapers who often prefer to sketch out their designs on paper, which does not allow the customers to fully understand the plans for their outdoor space.

Not only does 3D design enable customers to envisage the entire layout of their garden, but it also accurately depicts individual plants and design elements – anything which the customer dislikes or wants to add can be tweaked with the click of a button.

Many people have an image in their head of how they want their garden to look. However, not every design concept will work with every garden; you have to work with what you’ve got in terms of space and shape. Some landscapers will simply design and build exactly what is asked for, giving no thought to whether it will suit the garden, often resulting in a disappointed customer. Jonathan Mark will work with your ideas and mould them into a design which suits your outdoor space, along with your lifestyle.

Like all garden designers, Jonathan Mark has its own unique style which encompasses the use of a range of harmonising materials. A garden designed by Jonathan Mark takes the eye on a journey, exploring different textures, colours and shapes, with cleverly placed plants and features which complement one another. A particular company specialty is garden lighting; an all too often ignored design feature, carefully considered lighting can transform a space. It works to create a general, welcoming ambience and can be used to highlight particular aspects of the garden.Whilst Jonathan Mark designers are skilled in intricate design, with years of experience working with different materials and plants, they also recognise that overcomplicating a design can be the biggest mistake; sometimes the simplest design can be the most effective.

A customer focused and quality driven design company, Jonathan Mark currently operate within a 2 hour radius from London, and are planning to expand to accommodate high demand. Customers outside this area who require services can take advantage of the online design service, where a complete design can be provided within 48 hours by the way of high quality ground plans and 3D images. This service has drawn clients from as far away as the Canary Islands and Canada.”We strive to develop customer ideas and requirements to create beautiful and practical gardens, rather than pushing the client in the wrong direction to make for easier design work. We endeavour to form a close partnership with each client, as it is essential to fully understanding what is expected from the garden.”

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