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Hyde Park London – A Must See London Attraction

Hyde Park London – A Must See London Attraction

A trip to London in fall would be great. Europe’s biggest city has several things to keep the tourists busy all through the months. But, which site would you prefer seeing if you have very limited time in your hand? Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, British Museum, House of Parliament or Hyde Park London?

Many tourists visiting London have been asked this same question and it has been found out that Hyde Park London is the place where every tourist would love to visit if given the choice of visiting any one place in the city. Hyde Park is in fact one of the several Royal Parks in the city of London that is connected to one another, forming a large green lung in the heart of the city. This park covers an area of about 360 acres and hosts several big events including concerts and celebrations. It’s also a very popular area for swimming, jogging, picnicking, rowing and horse riding.

Want to know about the history and architecture of Hyde Park? King Henry VIII in the year 1956 had taken the possession of this park from Westminster Abbey’s monks. This place was initially used for hunting purpose. It was King Charles I who opened this park to public in the year 1967.

There are several places of interest that you can have a look at when visiting Hyde Park London. Let us read about some of these interesting places.

Serpentine is a huge artificial lake, located at southern end part of Hyde Park London. It extends up to the Kensington Gardens. King George II’s wife, Queen Caroline, had the huge lake constructed in the year 1730. You can swim and go for boating with your family in this lake.

Just in the southwest part of Serpentine is installed the memorial fountain to honour Princess Diana. Kathryn Gustafson, the famous American landscape architect, designed this memorial by using computer-modelling strategies. The fountain looks more like a stream rather than a fountain. Queen Elisabeth II inaugurated it in 2004.

At south end part of this park is located the Rotten Row. It is a popular bridle path. Its road is about 4 miles long and is nowadays used for cycling, horse riding and jogging road. This road is considered as the 1st public pathway to have been lit in UK.

Since the nineteenth century this popular tourist destination has become a place for conducting meetings. Speaker’s Corner had been set up in the year 1872 in order to allow people speak freely. Nowadays you will find people gathering out here on every Sunday to state their views publicly on religious, political and other such matters.

There are also many other places of interest in Hyde Park like the famous Marble Arch and the Wellington Arch. So, if you get an opportunity to visit London, surely visit Hyde Park. Now, if you thinking about your accommodation, there are many Hyde Park hotels that can make you feel at home. You can enjoy a number of facilities if you plan to live in one of the Hyde Park hotels in London.

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