Hyde Park Hotels London And Attractions On The Doorstep

Hyde Park Hotels London And Attractions On The Doorstep

Stay at a hotel near hyde park and the whole of London is on your doorstep. From here you can use the underground train to any part of the City but for the more active traveller it is possible to visit all the great sights of London on foot.

Walking through the city is a much better means of discovering everything you want to know about a place. Coming off the main streets and exploring side streets and cul- de- sacs can lead to pleasant surprises.

Hotels near hyde park are all within walking distance of Marble Arch. From that point the choice of direction mostly depends on the weather and your particular interests. If it is a warm sunny Spring or Summer day then a walk through Hyde Park is a must; particularly in Springtime when the daffodils and crocus are flowering.

There are eight Royal Parks in London and all are worth a visit. The term ‘Royal’ comes from the time when all these green areas were owned exclusively by the Monarch of the day and were predominantly used as their private hunting grounds. King Henry the Eighth was busy doing just that in Richmond Park when his wife was having her head chopped off a mile or so away in The Tower of London.
Hyde park hotels London and all the hotels near hyde park are part of the densest areas of hotels anywhere in the country.

The reason for this are many and not least is their closeness to all the major shopping streets of the City. Another reason is that there are better communication possibilities from this part of London. If the traveller is coming from the U.K’s busiest airport of Heathrow, then this westerly side is usually the arrival point for anyone visiting the City. The Heathrow Express, (a short and fast rail journey from Heathrow), terminates at Paddington Station.

Rail links from the mainline station of Paddington take travellers to the West of England and the beautiful counties of Devon and Cornwall. Both these counties have long shorelines which contain some of the finest sandy beaches in England.

Hyde park hotels London can mean a stay in absolute luxury or total misery if you make the wrong choice. Fortunately the internet gives you the opportunity to ‘visit’ on line and judge for yourself whether the hotel is going to be the right one for you. The primary consideration is obviously value for money. Most of us have the same minimum standards and a good clear web site which lists all the things we expect of a good hotel, along with clear photographs, goes a long way in telling us whether we are likely to get the reception and service we expect. Gone are the days when a traveller would just turn up out of the blue and judge a hotel from the outside of the building. We all want to know what the rooms are going to be like before being shown into a broom cupboard.

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