London Green Park

London Greenpark in London

The Green Park is one of the Royal Parks of London spanning 47 acres and resides in the middle of London’s Hyde Park and St. Jame’s Park. Because Kensington Gardens and the Buckingham Palace gardens are close, the parks combined create a long unbreakable span of land.

Green ParkGreen Park is not exactly the same as it nearby cousins. The park is without any lakes, has no buildings, and only a few monuments. The Canada Memorial by Pierre Granche and the Constance Fund Fountain sit within the park. Mainly lush greenery made up of beautiful woods and meadows, the park is usually a playground for family fun and peace and quite.  Constitution Hill sits on the south of the park, while on the east, the Queen’s Walk allows passerby views. The Piccadilly sits to the north, and finally it lightly caresses St. James Park at Queen’s Gardens. The Victoria Memorial sits at the center directly in front of the entrance to Buckingham Palace. From the buildings of St. James Palace and Clarence House one can view Green park and see the Green Park tube station that sits on Piccadilly.

This is a breath taking park that is so peaceful and beautiful to walk through. The air is so much different than walking through a huge city. The air is fresh, clean, and wonderful to breath in. If you want to experience a lovely park this is one you definitely cannot miss. Londons Gardens are simply luxurious and this is no different.

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London Greenpark in London

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